How To Style Your Wedding Using Vintage Furniture

Up-cycled furniture is being used more and more as vintage décor for weddings, and we can certainly see why this is a popular trend. Using vintage furniture is a unique and quirky way of injecting personality into your big day. Read on for more gorgeous wedding inspiration… -

Wedding Cake Table

A classic vanity table lends itself to a wedding cake or dessert display table. Showcase your wedding cake on a vintage cake stand so you really feel as if you’re visiting a by-gone era. Props are a must-have when it comes to vintage-inspired weddings. A variety of small vintage frames with your favourite photographs in is a lovely way to decorate your dessert table. If you’re lucky enough to source an old fashioned set of weighing scales, even better! By making your dessert table mouth-wateringly delicious your guests are bound to indulge in some yummy delights. -

Cosy Lounge Area

We love the idea of a cosy lounge area for your guests to relax with a cup of tea – from a vintage cup and saucer of course. A variety of plush Victorian armchairs or even a decadent sofa or two will look wonderful. If your wedding is based indoors, source a few old-fashioned lamps for extra effect. Add a couple of weathered leathered suitcases to the equation to really wow your guests. A lounge area looks particularly fab in a venue that has a huge area to fill, such as an abandoned warehouse or loft space. -

Chic Ceremony Seating

Speaking of seating, lets talk about your wedding ceremony. If you want to go all out with your vintage furniture theme why not incorporate it into the ceremony too? Source a mixture of antique chairs from charity shops or car boot sales for your guests to sit on. La Belle Amour has a huge range of vintage furniture that you can hire for your special day – from luxurious chaise lounges to quirky armchairs, we’ve got it covered! -

Photo-booth Fun

Create your own DIY photo-booth by hanging lots of antique mirrors and photo-frames against a wall. They’ll create a wonderful backdrop for some fun polaroid photographs. Why not make your own vintage-inspired props too? Old-fashioned top hats and retro jewellery are a fab, alternative idea to the traditional photo-booths. Mix old with new by adding some colourful ribbon garlands that fit in flawlessly with your colour scheme – metallic shades or plum tones tend to look stunning with a vintage theme.

Darling Drinks Station

Serve your drinks in style with a vintage dresser and some classic cocktails. You may even be able to find an old-fashioned ‘bar’ sign to have above the dresser. Martini cocktails or some cute glasses of Babycham will really take your guests back in time! -

Wonderful Wedding Gift Table

Looking for something a little different when it comes to your wedding gift table? Old, distressed suitcases are a great way of collecting wedding gifts and cards. An old American mailbox will be the perfect addition to your table. Adorn the table with blooms that match your wedding bouquet for a feminine touch – it’ll look truly beautiful. - edendayphotography.com1

Whether your wedding venue is a blank canvas needing a splash of colour or if you simply want to inject a touch of individuality to your special day, the possibilities are endless.

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